William Wilberforce: A biography Stephen Tomkins  
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Presents a biography of William Wilberforce, one of the key figures in the movement to abolish slavery in the British Empire.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Book two C. S. Lewis  
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Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are sent to live with their reclusive Uncle in his mysterious country home. Lucy soon discovers a wardrobe that hides a doorway into the magical world of Narnia. Narnia was once a peaceful land of talking beasts, dwarfs, giants, and fauns. But an evil spell is cast on Narnia and it is now ruled by the White Witch, who has transformed it into a frozen place, where it is ?always winter, but never Christmas.? To the creatures of Narnia, the children now represent hope. Led by the powerful lion Aslan, the children must defeat the White Witch and free all of Narnia from her icy spell.

Becoming a Woman of Prayer Cynthia Heald  
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Becoming a Woman of Prayer Prayer is an opportunity for us to respond to God's invitation to intimacy. This topical Bible study shows how to become women of prayer. Full description

Mister God, This is Anna "Fynn"  
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Mister God, This is Anna Anna was four years old when Fynn, then only 16 himself, found her wandering round London's Docklands one foggy night in the 1930s. Badly neglected and abandoned by her parents, he took her home to be cared for by his own family. The impact of this extraordinary child on Fynn, his friends and the people in their neighbourhood was to be immense. Nobody who met Anna could remain the same: this intel... Full description

Light Force: The Only Hope for the Middle East Brother Andrew And Al Janssen, Brother Andrew, Al Janssen  
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Light Force Readers can join Brother Andrew and fellow Open Doors missionary Al Janssen in their quest to strengthen God's light in the Middle East. These gripping accounts of Christians caught in the crossfire will captivate readers everywhere. Full description